supply chain network innovation


Trusted Trade Lane

Logistics companies and shippers always strive to seamless flows of goods and information end-2-end with full visibility and without unnecessary delays. Delays that occur due to late, missing or incomplete business information or due to hick ups by required inspections. Important condition is that all parties are trusted by government agencies to be in control of their business operations. TripleOre supported Seacon Logistics in realisation of a datapipeline driven trusted trade solution.

e-Green Last Mile

A consortium of Dutch and German logistics companies, Fier Automotive and Liof work together to launch a fleet of electric heavy 44tons trucks and intelligent charging infrastructure, aiming more sustainable hubs. Global containers, sustainable delivered by train or barge, will be delivered from door2door with this new developed electric trucks and a strong reduced carbon footprint. TripleOre provides project management of the consortium partner CTV Multimodal.

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Greenport 3.0

To enhance the impact of the Greenports in the Netherlands also in the next decades to come, an accelerator roadmap is being developed in close cooperation with Province Zuid-Holland, Province Noord-Holland and Province Limburg and the Ministries  of Economic Affairs. TripleOre was asked by Province Limburg and Liof to analyse and identify market driven improvement projects for smart and sustainable transport for the Greenport network. Based on research and collaboration with importers and supply chain partners multiple initiatives are initiated. A collaborative reefer network initiative for optimized lanes and usage of reefers and an initiative for synchronised collaborative inspections approach.